Disinfection System 

DA210 Atomizer

DA210 Atomizer

Automatic Mobile disinfection system, smaller size, suitable for smaller place in Hong Kong . With nano ultrasonic atomization system can release between 1-10 microns (μm), nano-mist, that will not damage skin or clothes, affect makeup and hairstyle or grooming.
自動感應可移動消毒系統,尺寸細少, 適合香港較少空間的場所使⽤ 。採⽤納米超聲波霧化系統,將液 體霧化 ⾄ 1-10  微米 (μm) 之間, 進行納米霧化程序,經由⾃動感應噴霧系統噴出消毒噴霧,不會損害皮膚或衣服,影響化妝,髮型 及儀容。
 Product Size: About 420mm (length) x 350mm (width) x 1600m (height)
 產品尺寸 :  約 420mm (長) x 350mm (闊) x 1600m (高) 

Product Specifications:
Nano ultrasonic dry atomization disinfection and sterilization system, automatic induction spray or continuous spray, Vertical design for full body spray, disinfectant low Volume indicator, 10L disinfectant capacity tank,. 
納米超聲波乾霧化消毒殺菌系统 ,  自動感應式噴霧或連續噴霧 ,  垂直裝置可全身噴洒.
消毒液補充提示, 10L 消毒液容量箱 .                    

Support Service:
Transportation and first installation (Hong Kong and Macau, excluding outlying islands)
運輸及首次安装 ( 香港及澳門區 , 不包括離島 )

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